The Outbreak is Apon Us !

Hi there everyone im here on behalf of one of my fellow admin ultraguy to show everyone about his outbreak gamemode/models, heres the models here and download link, enjoy !

Advertising Poster :

Combine Soldiers :

MetroCops :

Zombies :

Crawlers :

Vehicles/Machines :

Weapons :

This is not all of the pack this is just a small selection …
Add me on steam if you’d like to talk about it …
Steam: Conn08

Join the official forums for this mod at…

Thanks if you join !

Download Link …

Thanks And Enjoy!

Surely you jest.

What do you mean ?

So you took a shitload of other peoples work, slapped it into HL2 and call it yours?


If you read dipshit its not my work… buzzgayyear :slight_smile:
grow up …

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming." - PacificV2))

Why dont you credit them?

Also, nice try fooling me that the combine soldiers arent SAS skins that have been stolen from FPSBanana

EDIT: Infact, I can even NAME the skins that you stole from FPSBanana

1st SAS skin : Adrian Shephard Look-Alike
2nd SAS Skin : SAS Montagepack (Thanks Da Big Man!)
3rd SAS Skin : Monolith STALKER for SAS.

not another leecher =(


Oh yeah, the 2nd SAS is from that SAS montagepack on FPSBanana. Know how I know that? Because I fucking use it.

As a leading developer of SMOD: Outbreak i can confirm that your modification Ultramod: Outbreak uses much of our content from an older version of our modification. We ask that you cease public development and advertising of this modification as this mod was made without our prior permission or credit given to the proper developers and authors.

Too bad that most of the content in SMOD is also taken from fpsbanana and other websites, without the permission of the creators (as far as I know).

That looks like the retrocop skin from the metropolice NPC v4 pack.

Because it is.

This is true.

Like you didn’t do the same thing? You built your entire community and popularity on theft and stealing. You are a disgusting human being, An example of everything wrong with the modding community combined into one person. The man who made this is a better man then you are and will ever be.

Thieves, honor, etc.

OP got owned.

Well that pressed a button. He made a mod, a good mod which made a certain part of smod:tactical more enjoyable. OneManShow also made the original tactical, which gave me many hours or fun.

I’m going to guess you’re an alt of the OP, since any comments opposing you have 2 of the same rating. And i know expect and demand an insult of some sort to show me whos boss.

Actually, Phatcat originally made SMOD: Tactical. He offered me control over it after he could not dedicate time to it anymore.

And while i may be guilty of the same crime as the OP, At the very least i try to make sure all authors are properly credited and recognized. Which is more then what this mod team has done.

How ironic.

You do know that those skins are from other peoples work?

Also cheap rip off of SMOD Outbreak.