The Overkill Weapon

As a quick pre-thread note, I’d just like to say: These models are in noway complicated, and they are pretty much all Valve’s work, I’ve just edited and put them together.

So, after getting the idea of taking a few TF2 weapons, cutting them up and placing them together from a thread on FP, I came up with this monstrosity:

Later, I decided to add some more to it

A few more bug fixes and additions later:

And now, the current version -

Now, I’ve posted this here because I would like some suggestions as to what I should add, remove, do to it etc.

It will be released eventually if anyone actually wants it, and I’ll also probably make a v_model for it (Suggest below what it should replace!) when it’s finished.


Smoothing groups:

Another Edit:

A quick RPG v_model:


Another edit, not sure if I like it to be honest

It should replace the minigun, cause its Big, Bad, and Dangerous.

Add smoothing groups.

Done, see OP.

How about a stock?

I feel like the rocket launcher part makes it less epic. It’s like it will be some huge caliber weapon, then it funnels down to a small muzzle.

Also, you have heaps of smoothing errors.

I agree with the rocket launcher part, any ideas what I can use instead?

IMO first version is the best. A scoped healing gun :smiley:

Spy Knife replacement :open_mouth:

How would the axe bayonet work exactly?

Reminds me of the “Make One Hell of a Gun” thread in the Fast Threads section.

Remindes me of Aliens when Ripley used duct tape and made the Plasma rifle Flamethrower. If you read the comic “Outbreak” you should see that honker.

Replace all the medic weapons with it. Make it the ultimate multi-task weapon.

The first weapon?

Wait, what? Two scopes facing one another? :open_mouth:


I’m looking for some ideas as to what to do for it first…

Ok. One question though, is it usable?

It is, here’s a picture of an RPG V_Model for it:

When i first saw it I thought you had just no-collided some weapon models together in Gmod.