The Overview of Biology Riot


Sweet dude, there’s no evidence that the dudes fired, no shell, no muzzleflash, no blood or spatter.

Looks like he just shot him with PROTONS.

I think that the zombie was frightened of this guy and has fallen.

And the soldier did not shoot because it humane.

Although, the screenshot looks great

fucking sweet… as usaul


Maybe he showed and is quickly aiming :v:

Nice picture ddok I like how much detail you put into it

Maybe he whacked him with his gun?
Nice pic dawg keep up the work.

Awesome pic Ddok :smiley:

uhh? Its ddok not chesty

Widescreen and black bars give the picture an awesome cinematic style.
Posing and angle is awesome, editing is good and I must say WELL DONE, you made GM_BigCity look good :stuck_out_tongue:

Great panoramic image. Posing and lighting are great.

With the right props and patience.
It can be a very useful map.
The left 4 dead content is especially useful here

Editing is awesome, panorama is awesome, WHOLE PICTURE IS FULL OF AWESOMENESS.

Oh shit. Wrong thread :smiley:

I did do a great job though didn’t I?

Oh gawd It’s a thread bombing run :open_mouth:

Excellent prop placement.

Is that gm_bigcity :open_mouth:

on topic:
amazing posing, but next time, maybe you should consider editing (more? Did you edit?) add smoke or a muzzle flash a falling shell some blood and more guts splattered on the pavement

off topic:
The Burger Tank sign gave me an awesome idea for how to spend my winter holiday.

hhmmm amazing pose