The Overview of Cordon.


I think it is a little too bright but I like it :slight_smile:

Bloom is a little excessive, but the scene-build and prop-placement is excellent. Shame about the terrible phong on those Hazmat guys.

Awesome ddok! And what is that tank in the background?

Looks like this:

Goddamn, that’s realistic!

The pose is lacking in a few details. First of all, all the hands are still in their default COD positions (like they’re meant to hold a gun); this looks out of places and, to me, stands out in the picture. Why is that guy holding an invisible gun next to his side?

Second, the citizen looks a tiny bit awkward, as well as the hazmat guy and soldier talking to him. Apart from that it’s good enough.

Really sexy Scene build.

also, where can i find dm_village i keep getting cs2d dm_village

hey that humvee is from BF2

Gaah, I can’t find the map, and I can’t get the models from l4d D:

Get out of here stalker.

Who? me?

still a furry so yes.

I kid.

Good scene build, the phong on the hazmat guys can be taken away easily. The rest is fian.

Is all of that a scenebuild? What did you download for that? Also the picture is awesome.

Seems too bright and cheery for me, but it’s nice.

Arma actually.

ahh dude, i want that heavy guy wearing orange and black suit… and doing sumthing dunno whatever

This is pretty awesome, man.

What are you deaf? What are you here?