The Pосомаха - Soviet super-heavy tank rolling into battle

I read some stuff about super-heavy tanks today, which inspired me to make a picture of one. The picture was also heavily inspired by VMan’s Hell on Treads.

And here comes the original:

Credits to the german engineers for the super-heavy tanks and to VMan for inspiring me.

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You got that straight?!


Pretty sweet pic, but the people just look little instead of the tank looking huge. Probably because of the really big ground texture.

I really like the motion-blur on the tracks and wheels and the combination of vehicle models is impressive. The shadows on the ground are good too. Nice work editing out the ugly tree.

The camera angle is a little empty though and the muzzleflashes are a little to sparky and cartoony for my taste, although they don’t exactly look bad.

Hmmmm, yes. I think I should try adding some detail on the ground.

Cool effects, but the tank looks really gigantic, or is it supposed to be Humongoufuckinggigantic? :smiley:

A bit empty on the background though and everywhere else P:

I just realized that there is a tank on the side of that tank.

Um… read the OP? Or the title. God just read something, please.

Well I know it’s really heavy :slight_smile:

Edited the ground now. Any better?


wait what… I don’t see it…

The ground. Look precisely.

I can’t see it I’m afraid. Upload the v1 again… if you didn’t save over it. Or find the link again for comparison?


He made the ground a bit more grainy.

I actually think my issue with the ground is it’s flatness, but there are some things that you can’t fix.

I’m just being really nit-picky. It’s a great picture.

Im glad im not the only one :v:

There’s the other one. Compare.

Reminded me of

You could just have said “Reminded me of Baneblade.”.

I have no idea what a Baneblade is, so it was good anyways :3:

That texture you applied to the ground doesn’t really do much and it isn’t blurred enough on the right in the depth-of-field area.