THE PACKAGE promo shot (shadow study)

I drew all of the shadows, the sun, the clouds, and posed all of the shit. So enjoy. C&C!

the blood is too transparent, posing is good, but sign is also too transparent, try to darken the blood, and backdrop to the right is a little bland

There are several nitpicks I have, but I’ll focus on the “integrated” title.

I personally love it when titles are made to look like part of the environment or real objects, but this is not how you go about doing it. If you want to make it look real, making it transparent isn’t the best option. You’ll want to find a better font, preferably a clear sans-serif.
not the best example of blood, but this is a good example of integrated text. and this is a good example of floating and sitting text.
You don’t always need a drop shadow to pull off the effect. You can even get creative.

thanks for the tips guys. I’ll try to use them on my next go around.