The Pain, It Comes in Waves

I don’t want to shit up this section with my lame crossover pictures so from now on, I’ll just update this whenever I make a new image. Maybe even change the song once in a while.

Amazing posing.

The low-poly and low-res rubble in the background kinda kills it for me, but it’s nice.

I came.

Was it in waves?

Finish the fight

The fight for our world, has begun…


That’s awesome.

Take Back Earth
The Battle Within Begins
You Mom Hates Dead Space 2


Samus, Chief, Lightning and Shepard(if you pick colonist or spacer) aren’t from Earth.

interesting crossover, sexy posing (especially samus and isaac)!

Holy shit, that lighting is wicked. How do I do that?

brilliant man

It’s the base lighting in rp_apocalypse and two lamps.

Girl from FF looks like shes been dead for a few hours.

I think that’s how she looks in FF13 too. A weird choice on Square Enix’s part.

Zombie female protagonist I can support this idea.

Why do Lightning’s eyes look so bright compared to the rest of the picture?

That’s just how the model is.

Current wallpaper: updated now. haha.

This is freakin’ GOLD!!! Awesome posing, and a very good idea.

All i can say is wow. I hope you keep doing things like this.