the Palanquin Ship

Well I made a thread yesterday showing the map in the TF2 sub-forum, but today the map is also available on the Gmod Workshop!

The Palanquin Ship (聖輦船 ‘Seirensen’ in japanese) comes from the Touhou Project universe, it flies in the skies of Gensokyo, and is piloted by Captain Murasa. It also doubles as a buddhist temple.

You know, when I make a map, I often wonder “hm, how should I setup the lighting? The sunset looks so pretty, but I’d like to make a night time version as well” so this time I said “Screw it! I’m gonna make all at once!”

So the skybox is entirely made of models, even the sky is a model that changes its skin depending on the time of day (which is randomized every round). And that’s not the only thing that’s randomized, the weather has a 20% chance to be rainy, and a 10% chance to be stormy. Under stormy weather thunderstrikes will hit the ship at regular intervals, players better stay inside the ship.

I focused on making the map look good, add a scrolling skybox, make sure that the map’s size doesn’t skyrocket too much, working on soundscapes, custom particles, etc…

And finally, after adding a handful of easter eggs (one of which allows player to manually change the timeofday/weather) I decided to call it a final release.

The map can be used in SFM, but you need to switch the game mode, create a bot, put him in blue team, and start the round, or you’ll have tons of lag.
I’ll release a proper SFM version if many people want it.

But wait, there’s more!

To go along with the map I spent the night wrapping up this ragdoll of Captain Murasa, the Captain of the ship! Featuring facial expressions, finger posing, eye posing, and an anchor with an accurate collision model!


Have fun!

Pretty good looking map, I like the design.

Holy fuck! This is awesome.

May I ask for the proper SFM version?

Its just… the map is so pretty… then blood gets everywhere.

I second this guy. Map looks real nice, it’d be great to see some animations/poses on this in sfm.

Is the 10% stormy chance part of the 20% rainy or stand on it’s own?

it’s on its own, thus, 70% chance of having a clear weather by default. Stormy and Rainy weather have different fog settings and different cloud colours.

As happy as I am to see over 7.000 subscribers on the Workshop, I’d love to see an admin put the map on his server.

As for the SFM version, well…I need to work on it somedays. I also need to release a prop pack with all the models from the ship.