The Parasite- Rapture 1998

A big reason I decided to make this picture was to express my opinion regarding Bioshock 2. If you don’t give a shit, then skip this, because this is now just me rambling.

Bioshock was made an instant classic to me due to 3 things. The atmosphere, the dynamic gameplay, and the biggest one being the story. These 3 things worked in perfect harmony to create what I believe to be one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in gaming. Naturally when I heard Bioshock 2 was coming, I got excited, but also worried about if they could maintain the harmony between the atmosphere, gameplay and story. Simply put, they didn’t. The atmosphere and gameplay were both good. In fact, they were refined and tweaked to be great, but the weak story killed it for me. The idea of Rapture years after the events of the first one was a concept that I thought could be really cool if done right. However, they took such a living, breathing world and reduced it to a childish love story between a Big Daddy and her little sister. They tried to maintain the political depth that the first one held. But simply put, What Andrew Ryan stood for was much more compelling then Sofia Lambs’. They did a good job of giving her a backstory and understanding her motivations, but in the end she just wasnt as dramatic as Andrew Ryan. This was where Bioshock 2 crossed the line storywise for me.

This picture represents what I was hoping Bioshock 2 would look more like, taking place further in the future and instead of just shifting political ideologies in Rapture as they do in BS2, I thought it would be really cool to instead see more of the crushed hopes of Andrew Ryan. In the first one, the consequences of individual power were shown and we really got an idea of how such a determined man who truly believed what he did fell. This drama justified the constant violin tracks heard throughout the game. The idea that an idea that seemed so great could go so wrong. BS2 should have continued that drama by further crushing what Ryan stood for. Sofia Lamb does this in a sense by representing everything Andrew Ryan doesn’t and then taking over after his reign acts as sort of the final insult, but this is underplayed to the point where you hardly think about it while your playing. What I’m trying to depict in the picture above is sort of the continued downfall of Andrew Ryans empire, but also his hopes and dreams. And thats what BS2 should have been.

Thank you for letting me waste your time with my rambling. Perhaps this opinion comes a bit late seeing as BS2 has been out for almost two years now. I hope that with Infinite, it will either follow a similar track in the theme of downfall, or it will focus on really good characters who I will actually give 2 shits about.
Thats not looking likely though after seeing Elizabeth in the demos and trailers.

Bioshock 2’s story wasn’t as good as the first one. Mines better :V

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If you cant tell, I really love Bioshock <3

Also, I want to thank jason278 for helping me get these props from Bioshock. Thanks again man!

*We’re not bound by morality down here, yet nobody has the balls to sculpt the damn penis on these statues. *

But he’s wearing a loincloth.

Looking forward for Bioshock Infinite.