The Particle Editor.

Hi, I’ve been trying to create a custom particle system for awhile now, but with no success.
I’ve been trying to read the Valve Dev Wiki page about it, the “creating your first system”, (I also did some backround reading about the editor). When I open the editor ingame I press create, name it, then I try to follow what the Wiki page says, but with no success. The first thing I have to do, is to create a new system, check. Then. “First add an Animated Sprite Renderer to allow it to render.” How do I do that? It never explains that, at least not in an understandable way. I’ve tried to right-click on the “Renderers” tab to the left, there I can add lots of elements, not the one I am looking for though.

Is there anyone who knows a good tutorial that goes through the process of creating a system step-by-step?

Or, could someone please explain in a more specific way, where to create these certain components for the particle system?

Tried following this?

No, I did not. Thank you my good sir!

It’s not really that hard. At first, the Particle Editor might seem odd, and scary, but no fear, it’s very logical.

And once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome. :3

Yeah, I managed to create… something. It’s basic particles that fade in and out and fall down. :3

Thanks OP, i was also looking for such a thing :3

Lol, was looking looking for this to.

I’ve seen alot of people speculate about the particle editor, I guess it was just about time someone asked about it… And take all the “dumb” bullets that may be fired at anyone asking/saying anything here on FP.