The Passing

Couldn’t think of a title woo.

Right Click > View Image



Ha this made my day.


That made me lol.
And your avatar is fucking awesome.

Oh man I want Ellis’ second expression as my avatar

Got an unedited version? :3:

Did Zoey do that?

That’s my desktop now.

Tah. :buddy:


oh wow the img_thumb is exactly the same size

Looks like Zoey has passing out to Ellis!

When I first played it and she passed down a Molotov I thought she was throwing it at me. I tried to jump out of the way but jumped into a charger’s path…


Ouch. Funny stuff. Nice posing to.

At first I didnt get it,but LUL

Ellis has cataracts.

Hahaha, ouch.

that is all

Thanks, I always try to make my facing posing as vivid and real as possible.