The password is....1-1-1-1?

Spy might be a LITTLE off, I fucking hate the spy’s body.

Cool pose.

(User was banned for this post ("Meme shit" - Benji))

Thanks for the C&C :smiley:

And you whipped that demotivational pretty quick :stuck_out_tongue:

A useless demotivational, I’m afraid.

The picture is alright, I suppose. Albeit unoriginal.

It’s an overused meme that ran it’s course years ago.

By request of MasterFGH

(Extend his ban if you think it’s overused. It was his idea.)

Nice. A little more editing and better posing and you’ll do fine.



Just wondering, If this is supposed to be from meet the spy. aint it the scout with the soldier in that scene? (yeah i know its a stupid and trivial problem) but i like it man

That scout is a spy!

Scout wouldn’t work with this pose. Atleast i didn’t think so.

Thanks for the comments everyone.


Is it 1 2 3 4 5?


Its slam the door in like Heavy duh.

Did someone say meme?

The spy is was supposed to come in with the other teammates, but because the soldier didnt know the code he came too early and had to wait. Anyway, nice pic.

What the fuck!? Master got banned for that? Nice posing and everything on the screenshot anyways

Cliping on spies hands.
Maybe put the keypad a lil bit down.
But its a good picture.

@Masters Ban
Benji why banning him?
Thats really cruel.
The Threadcreater said its cool and not a problem.

If your referring to the thumb, it’s not clipping, it might be the angle, because i noticed that too, and went to double check to make sure; and it appeared just fine. And yes, i’m fine with the demot, don’t ban Master for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, at least we know Mel Brook’s luggage code as well as the code for Druidia’s oxygen.

Were the picture? Oh wait, never mind