The Patriarch [Character Concept]

Thread music, Thought it was sort of fitting:

The Patriarch/The Scarecrow, the names I use interchangeably mainly because I haven’t figured out which one seems better for the character. I was too lazy to write up a blerb about the character, but I will say that he’s a part of a comic that won’t come for a long time and his story is explained in the comic. The character is loosely inspired by several DC and Marvel characters and then recently I have been repeatedly watching Shwarzwald’s Speech from Big O, which inspired me to finally create the physical character and realized their similarities (Not to mention Michael McConnohie’s voice is just awesome).

Shwarzwald’s Speech:

That’s a little… creepy…

Also, I spy no fingerposing on the black guy’s right hand!

I don’t remember if I did or didn’t but by the looks of it I didn’t. :confused:

Awesome Ben


Das ist Schwarz Pumpkin Man!

Awesome man, but whats the thing in the dudes hand?

I don’t know what it is in NeoTokyo, but I made it like it was a sort of bomb.

Nice work.

I suppose this will also become a series of pictures?

Probably not since it was tricky to get his head just right on there.

It’s awesome!

That’s a really nice concept.

I was expecting killing floor stuff…
nice pic though.

Nice! A new villan(or fucking creepy hero)! Where did you get the guys in the background?

Really like it, Ben. :3:
But both names (Patriarch and Scarecrow) are overused before.

What about… Phantom?
It’s all I could think of. :v:

Patriarch = KF

Scarecrow = Batman

The name is overused, and so is the character… A guy in a trenchcoat with a scary face and a hat… Oh , come on.


Unfortunately, Phantom is also over-used I would think.

Hmm… Never thought of him being a hero, but that would be a rather cool concept. I got the guy on the left privately, don’t know if it released anywhere. The guy on the right is a personal skin I found of a guy named Bubz (sorry Bubz, if you see this I don’t remember your whole name :/).

Remember, it’s still a concept. With the general idea I have now going it would be a self proclaimed title, people wouldn’t refer to him that way, per se. Hopefully the character surpasses the over used name by being original to an extent.

My God did I :lol: have a funny!

It wasn’t meant to be funny. D:

What other people find “scary” I find hillarious!