The Patrol. (Also my first scenebuild)

No editing:

And then I had a go at editing it to make it look more vintage:

What’s with the purple light

I’m not entirely sure to be honest. I just thought it would be better than having no lighting at all.

always use fog in your scenebuilds to some degree. also, the lighting is important, so take daytime shots in dark maps and add the lighting with lamps; right now it looks less than impressive due to the almost complete lack of shadows on the models. the camera angle is rather fish-eyed too, and remember to cover every inch of the ground when using those grass sprites

speaking of shadows, what happened to yours? they’re all square-like

and yeah random purple lights don’t usually show up in forests like that

Ok. I’m not sure what happened with the shadows, it sometimes does that when I up the quality settings.

That was the only decent foliage I could find.

bleh, you just didn’t search hard enough

there should be a few useful foliage model packs on

Or, what if they are training somewhere in the US, and that’s why there are fern trees? :v:

Have some semblance of a backstory whenever you do a scenebuild. It helps prevent you from adding in unfitting props and foliage.