The people playing are D***s !

I just wanted to say that the people playing are so non cooperative. I bought my key yesterday and was full of happyness to play this game. Now i played about 30 Minutes got killed about 9 Times.
That doesn’t makes fun. You have no chance of getting to something.

And why is there no nopvp server for EU? -.-


You HAVE to find some friends. Make some. Just keep trying to be friendly until you find someone who actually is and then work together. Only way to survive is together.

Yeah I tried to make friends and spoke too people about 4 - 6 Times… the result was that I was getting shot in the head !

welcome to full loot open pvp where everyone is a potential walking pinata.

Welcome to rust. This is why you people should get a better understanding of the game before you go dropping your money on it.

This isnt a new thing, even back in early alpha things were always like this. Its almost 100% KOS all the time.

But people don’t have to shoot you instantly. In most survivals you share with people…here you are on your own getting shot from people gaming the last 24 Hours without a pause. This game isn’t newb friendly at all.

Maybe you died 9 times for running up to strangers in a post apocalyptic world where everybody is killing each other for resources

Also you should probably just get Skype if you want to team with people.

You just now realized the entire game is just guys beating the shit out of each other with rocks? even if you make a house you can guarantee that its going to be swarmed.

I’ve got my own Ts3…I have skype… everything. I was getting wood and boom shot me from behind. People just want the loot even if you have nothing. Thats what pisses me so much !

No shit the game isn’t noob friendly, its a game that Facepunchers play.

Yes people do have to instantly shoot you because you are a threat to them even if you arnt planing on doing anything to them. This is a survival game, you are suposed to learn from failures.

When you die get better, you act like your the only person to spend 3+ hours on this game and die 10+ times in that time frame. Everyone started out like you (unless they started in a decent sized group) and they all adapted to the environment and learned to play.

Now its time for you to learn to play and adapt. this game isnt supposed to be easy

I noticed. But how am I a threat when im just sittin at a tree farming wood. You spawn at night and some animal beats the crap out of you. I watched so many videos on youtube to get started good…but yeah…thats the result. My happyness of playin is away. It’s not the game…it’s the gamers who play the game !

Why would you go play a survival game and expect everyone to be buddy buddy and helpful?

Not everybody but many people. But I saw Noone. I like survival games. I played DayZ a long time and Wasteland and much more.

True but no need to be so belligerent, and even fake it : ‘‘oo I am fewndlie!’’ and kaboom head shot.
Or even worse you help the guy and even though he kills you, it is just sad :frowning:

Just be fair and kill like a man, if you are going to!

Thats totally right.

Wasteland has teams, thats diffrent.

And i dont know what kinda DayZ you played but you obviously never went on a main hive server before they allowed people to host their own, because if you steped foot in a city in dayZ you would be killed by almost everyone, and even if you didnt get killed right away people would try to team with you and kill you 5 mins later.
Once people started hosting their own servers and adding mods and stuff, thats when server populations began splitting to where most servers dont have more than 20 or so people on them. So yea on those baby servers where almost no one is on of course people wont be ass hats.

I played DayZ on that old servers. And I tried again and again. But mostly people were friendly came to you asked if oyu need help and teamed up. But the players of Rust are a cramp in my leg. It’s like the totally difference to DayZ.

well i like the dayZ servers you found, cause 90% of people i met on dayZ especially early on would kill me on sight, or team with me and shoot me the second we found something decent.

The best thing dayZ ever did for me was add hatchets so i could roam and dome zombies as much as i want and if anyone tryed picking up a gun in my group they would be dead in 2 seconds

All those survival games have no goal at all, so, with time, people will be bored and hunts other players.

As long as nobody sets a goal, or a big threat that forces players to cooperate, this kind of game will end simply in FFA.