The People's Defence Force

Hello fellow rusters.

For the few who haven’t heard of the People’s Defence Force let me introduce you.

The People’s Defence Force (PDF) is the original Anti-Bandit organisation. Formed by a small group of survivors soon after the outbreak we had one goal, the protection of our members and innocent civilians from the bandits who patrol the lands.

We have a strict policy on entry as not everyone is who they seems and we cannot allow rogue members to tarnish our outstanding reputation.

We may not be the biggest group out there but our expert weapon handling skills and advanced tactics render us the most deadly!

Don’t be fooled by these other bandit groups who claim to be friendly, they will kill you without a shred of hesitation. The PDF will always offer help to the weak and give our all to the protection of civilians.

The PDF is the only group you can trust!

we all know docx are better

Every man for himself muthafuckaaaaaaas

Even if I knew what docx was they still wouldn’t get anywhere close to the PDF.

PDF: For Bandits, By Bandits.

PDF: Defending your right to death.

More like People’s Death Force.

With the numbers of bandits swelling in the wastelands the PDF will be returning shortly undertaking ‘Operation Shoot on Sight’ to save the innocents.