The perfect posing tool idea

It would be really cool that someone make a posing tool that poses human ragdolls in a “preposed” position.
There is a tool that is close of what i imagine, it’s called “animated props”, it allows you to animate your human ragdolls with NPC or Player animations (the same anim that you can see in when you do a spawnlist icon).
The problem with that tool is that it recreates an “entity” that isn’t a ragdoll, so after you get the position/animation you want, you can’t move the members of the character.(i also think that there should be a browser in that tool to help finding the animation you want)
There is another tool that help with posing (just a bit) it’s “stand pose tool”, this tool put your human ragdolls in a “T-pose” and non-human ragdolls in their original position.
To me, the perfect posing tool would be like “animated props” but would allow you to chose a specific frame of an animation in a preview window, then once you have chosen, it would pose your ragdoll like the stand pose tool does, but with the position you want, so after that you’ll just have to make little modifications to have your ragdolls posed as you want them to be.
And this perfect tool would also have a browser for the animation names.

If anybody feels able to make such a tool, you’re free to use these ideas and make it.

could you be describing something akin to this?

It’s not at all that, i was describing something that make posing easy to do, not animations.

He’s talking about something more along the lines of sequence importing in SFM, where you can move all of a model’s bones to the position of a certain animation and use that as a base for your pose.

Actually, if I remember correctly, I looked at the code for the stand pose tool about a year ago, and it turns out it works by spawning an invisible model in the standing pose and then moving all of the ragdoll’s physics bones into place to match it. It’s possible you could make a tool that does the same thing, except the invisible reference model is set to a certain frame of a certain animation instead, moving the ragdoll into that pose. I’m not sure how you’d get that to work with non-physics bones like fingers, though.

Really ? Now i hope that it’s real, because if it’s possible it would worth the shot trying to build a tool like this.
I have no idea on how to, so if anyone knows about making tools, please give advices or take a look around and say what you think about it.

A tool like this would be a huge help for every Gmod users.