The perfect survival game

I would love it if survival was not just about other humans in the mid to late game and there were other things to be afraid of.

            - **Weather** - storms that are so fierce they will kill you if you can't find shelter.

  • Mutant hordes that come out at night and randomly roam the landscape and require you to be in a compound or shelter to survive.
  • Animal packs that randomly roam the landscape during daylight hours

  • Firestorms caused by lightning strikes

These are all realistic in a post apocalyptic world, but what do you guys think? I know my best experiences in Legacy Rust were hunting for loot in a mutant/zombie filled radioactive town and once they removed that it got boring fast.

I think having huge storms like dust storms/snow storms or some sort of weather storm requiring you to be inside would be awesome. I can already hear the tink tink of the raindrops hitting my level 6 home :’)

I wasn’t aware that Rust was a post-apocalytic world. Whatever kind of world it is, it is outdoors, and there should be inclement weather.

In the North you should be able to see your breath in front of your face, even on a clear, bright day.

I like your ideas. They are by no means new, but would be nice to include to some degree or another.
I don’t know if its a “post apocalyptic” world… I feel more like its a post “event” world. There has been some kind of unusual event (it need not be apocalyptic on a global scale) that the Newmans must survive. As a fan of the Strugatsky’s book “Roadside Picnic” I consider it possible the “event” was some kind of weird alien or trans-dimensional visitation that has altered the usual stability of the area we find ourselves living in.

I love all your ideas except the zombies one. It doesn’t fit well in the rust world

I guess when I started a post apocalyptic world that I drew that conclusion based on the derelict stuff lying around and the radioactivity. Whatever the reason for the Rust world I would still like to see more things that will kill me. Roaming around at night should be far more dangerous than it is don’t you think? Another reason for suggesting these ideas was that Rust servers can be pretty lonesome if there are only a few people on. :slight_smile:

P.S Mutants not Zombies. think Mad Max, Waterworld, Decent, etc. Maybe another suggestion to justify an A.I thing that will have enough intelligence to threaten humans? Apes?

I love the idea that the elements and animals are more of a persistent threat than players. That would honestly be a solution to the key system and player interaction issues - focus less on multiplier interaction and more on survival in nature (this is very Elite:Dangerous/No Man Sky direction). In my ideal game, a large procedural map that is universal, everyone can access some part of it, would spread us out so there is minimal interaction but interaction is inevitable and would be more meaningful with a trade system. Though in my game there’d be a system to create a new tribe to spawn a group of friends together.

I would definitely tone down the zombies and make the animal AI, like wolves working in packs, more complex. They might chase away or kill local deer for example, so you’d have to kill some to grow the deer population.

Great suggestions and having resources specific to regions would be the key to encouraging trading between players. Nice post.

Mutants are just zombies with a different skin; the humanoid threat you need to worry about in Rust is called other players.

The devs have expressed their disinterest in adding:
zombies (again)
mutants (reskinned zombies)
military soldiers
tribals (or any subgroup of ‘living’ AI humans)

We’re more likely to see half-supernatural half-mutant animals than humanoids as AI threats.

Weather is already a thing/planned to be even more, although I don’t know that the devs specifically will be adding storms/etc. as direct on-map weather hazards (e.g. a tornado or lightning starting forest fires).

I don’t think it’d be balanced for Rust, but holy shit, if forest fires were actually a thing that happened. Just imagine wandering across a server map and seeing smoke over the horizon. You climb the hill, and half the valley before you, all the way to the edge of your draw distance, was either on fire or obscured by choking smoke. I’m not sure I’d want this to be an actual mechanic, especially one that could be triggered by player arson, but if it was, it’d be epic.

And imagine having a base siege in a forest as a forest fire rages all around you, choking the area with smoke and making escape difficult. If Rust were more about natural disasters than emergent player behaviour, I would be all in on this idea.

Yeah, I’m liking it. This is very Rust: Elements Edition.

There would have to be a dry grass field-savanna looking places. It could be a random triggered event thing. It would be funny if we could light wood houses on fire too lol.

For mechanics, a player in smoke could activate a stat that as it increases it would reduce vision and reduce health. There could be oxygen tanks and masks to survive it. They also double as breathers for underwater exploration to find those sunken ships with loot, sharks are guarding though so you’ll need a spear. Also warning: riptides.

Edit: Maybe the post-apocalyptic scenario was just mother nature suddenly going nuts on the world.

Farcry 2 used a grassland fire mechanic from memory. In regards to elixwhitetail’s post, I’m ok with mutant animals if it comes to that but whatever they do I would have thought it wise to make sure a Rust server is fun even when there is only one person on it. Many game developers seem to have done the research and discovered that players enjoy teaming up against an A.I threat more than they enjoy PVP. I like both personally but if people on a server are actually getting along and there is a trading mechanic there will need to be other threats to keep it interesting don’t you think?

Lightning…I’d love to be running around with a friend during a fierce storm, all of a sudden he gets STRUCK by lightning or even it strikes the ground near us.

Imagine people running away from the forest fire just to meet your gang with Thompsons and a whole lot of bullets. It would be so awesome!

Yes, perhaps wooden bases, (level 1 and 2), could be destroyed, but stone and metal bases, (level 3+), would be impervious to fire?

been suggested before, but i still love the image of the proverbial “hand of god” striking down someone who just KOS’d me XD

or even smite my sorry ass for being out in a storm;D

Why cant they just make Stalker2 and make it like a mix of Stalker1 and Rust Legacy with updated visuals and extended environmental influences and wildlife/AI. :frowning:

The Hand of Thor you mean, :wink: it’d also be great that wearing, metal armor would increase the attraction of Lightning, and you have a higher chance of being hit plus this way you could craft Lightning Rods and place them all over your area to create glass.

Or a way to collect electricity if you have the means to store it in a battery or something.

Sandstorms, blizzards or extreme fog. That would be amazing if it happens maybe every 2 hours.

+1 for reading roadside picnic