The Performance of rust is really bad...(FPS, graphics...)

it really sucks that i have to play the game with an i7 @ 4,6 ghz and a 780ti oc in low settings when i really want to play the game efficient, especially on battlefield servers. for a nice gameplay in a shooter you just need 60fps (permanently)… thats not possible in rust, no matter which hardware you have.

and that sucks.

the hole game just sucks sry, just get back to legacy… there you focused on the basic things which are really important: GAMEPLAY!

the most important thing of a game should be the gameplay, and not graphical things. i know many games that have a badass graphic but are good because of amazing gameplay, rust was one of them…before…you know


~ a old surviver with over 1800 hours of legacy…

Legacy ran like crap at the beginning on my mid-range laptop (I7@3,2GHz, GT-740M, 8GB RAM). Barely got 30 fps on low settings. Last time I checked it, I could run it at max settings with 60fps all the time. Same thing will probably happen with the current branch. They will continue to add new features to the game for a while, then focus primarily on optimization. If they did it the other way around, they would waste sooo much time every week trying to fix every performance issues reported by people who don’t know what early access means. If you’re unable to be somewhat patient (I know development started like two years ago, maybe more), find another game to play until performance in Rust is satisfactory for you.

I play rust on medium settings and get 30-40fps and my GPU is 4 years old (Radeon 6770hd) my cpu is i7 4790k 4.0ghz

I have very low PC specs:
Athlon II x3 435 @ 2900 Ghz
HD 6570 1Gb @ 1024x768
So I have average 20-30 fps, sometimes 15-20 fps (mid-high settings). Open Hardware Monitor performance graphs say to me that FPS capped by CPU. This game needs in most powerfull CPU. Powerfull Video adapter needed if you play at high resolution. IMHO.
In legacy I was have 100-150 fps :wink:

I have 8GB Ram, i run on 5-10 FPS on the lowest settings, i can’t play the game so i have to stick to legacy until i can actually play :confused:

I have very playable FPS now on Rust, however I am getting 1-3 seconds lag spikes every time something happens… like opening a box, furnace or some menus… The worst part is that when someone hits me I get those too, I have not won a single melee fight yet… Fucking bad

Edit : I managed to kill someone with a spear, I think he bled out while I was frozen!

I find the game in general is just poor at using the resources available in a computer system, especially in populated and dense servers with a few buildings. It will in time run much better for sure, but something has to improve eventually when a mate of mine cannot run this game above 55 FPS in a 40-50 player server (Savas Island is a BIG offender of this) with a PC fitted with an i7 Extreme, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Dual SLI GTX980Ti’s and such (his rig costs roughly $4k AUD).

I will agree that Legacy DID run way better than the current version, however the architecture for Legacy was also complicated and fucking messy so I would not have been surprised whatsoever if we had seen major performance drops eventually had they stuck to working on Legacy.

That said, once performance and optimizing picks up for New Rust, it will be far more significant than any regular content update. It will open up more opportunities for the Dev Team to REALLY test the Unity Engine and many more people with older/crappier set-ups may get the chance to play at a tolerable framerate.

I guess for now I can be satisfied they finally got the RAM leak dealt with. Gotta love opening and closing Rust every hour.

Just my 2c.