The performance on this game is a bit crappy

I know its only in Alpha and stuff, and I personally love and enjoy the game; But I can only play this game on 30 fps and I have a Nvidia 8600GT. I know its not the best but for the system requirements for the game it says any gpu from 2004 should work. I’ve set the game on fastest and double checked that Rust runs my Dedicated card not the intergrated thingy. My Laptop that I use to go to friends houses with only has a integrated Intel HD 4000 with i5 and 4gb of ddr3 ram and it only gets max of 15fps. Just like to know if there are any plans on improving performance in this game because I don’t have much money and I can’t afford to upgrade my computer. Any guesses on when they will start to work on the performance over the features? ‘‘Function over Form anyday’’

Share some thoughts and answers, thanks :slight_smile:

Where does it say that? The Steam store page says nothing at all about graphics cards in system requirements. This is arguably a problem, but I think the devs aren’t ready to pin down where the standards need to be, because it’s still pretty early in the game’s life and it’s unoptimized as-is.

An 8600GT is too old to run Rust satisfactorily, especially during alpha when optimization is the lowest priority. As someone who owns a potato for a computer, I sympathize, but the simple fact is your card is seven years old. Seven-year-old technology is just not going to keep up with the pace of gaming.

Premature optimization is the root of all suffering on this planet. It will happen, but don’t hold your breath. The game runs slower than it should, but optimization is not something you rush into if you know what you’re doing.

Its your card, not the game

If you turn off the grass in the console “grass.on false”, it should boost your fps by 10

Your thread title should read “The performance on this game is rubbish because I have a GFX card that is crappy”.