The Personal Skins Thread v37: chilling acronym here

the deviantart gmod community is pretty bad, worse that this one, and this ones pretty bad.

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i mean at least we have the modelling subforum

is this about me now?

No shit. It’s full of horsefucking aspies who are all self conscious of one another.

I’m not saying i’m above everyone since i’m atleast self aware enough to say i’m a pretty big faggot. But so is like 95% of the gmod community.

i unno most of the people outside of this thread but in the sub-forum are pretty cool

like everyone in screenshot off-topic is p chill.

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I mean don’t get me wrong deviantart is a cess pool but most of us here are average joes.


well i mean if you disagree you could post some stuff that you think is weird from outside this thread but within this sub-forum.

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because you know that’s who I’m talking about

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Because I mean we don’t have pony’s fucking or cringe-worthy TF2 crossovers.

some of us actually have talent so that’s a bonus :v:

I mean yeah most of it’s generic military but that’s a fuckton better than 99.99% of what deviantart’s gmod community is.

and also most of the weird shit “deviants” post is actually against the rules here.

Meanwhile, the crew of the HMCStuG finish a their maintenance (and much needed paint job) and resume their post apocalyptic adventure.


It’s like you need to keep making points since you’re not confident enough in what your first sentence said.

You seem fairly offended that the Gmod community as a whole sucks.

Sorry to butt in, but what map is that?


Or maybe I’m just expanding on my “argument”?

also I never disagreed with you I just said we’re pretty ok here.

And how about instead of cookie cutting around my points you actually respond to them if you truly disagree with what I’m saying?

I know you want to be a cool kid ~4chan enclopedia dramatica deviantart appreciation station R4ider~ but you’re going to have to try a little harder.

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also I’m guessing not allowed to be in turkish phantoms master epic deviantart trollz 2013 gruppe :frowning:

You’re asking for content when i’m basing it off how everyones an asshole.

The only thing FP is good for is the models subsection for if you guys actually post something worth peoples times. But all things considered, Workshop really killed that incentive. I’m not going to bore people with whats been said like hundreds of times already on how the people of this site are.

Funny thing is i’m barely doing anything and people get worried about riling others up and calling for mods to ban me. I think i’ve done exactly what I intended to do since this thread is just one big feed. How you people can take me/yourselves seriously is funny.

(User was banned for this post ("Shitposting/cool off" - daijitsu))

I made a content. This is good, 'kay?

I’m not of the opinion of everyone else tho, I haven’t asked for you to be banned infact I was against you being banned in the chat or for you to make content :(.

tampon i just want to be as cool as u and have a epic cool sick nasty backstory on the dagmodverse wiki :c

Funny I recall telling some of you to just ignore jackknife but apparently that wasn’t possible according to you landlovers.

Just throwing that out there


Someday, someone might pose me…
besides my self…
not doing something stupid.

no gobo you ruin all fun

You would make a fine Tbonian soldier!