The personal skins thread v39

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The official image hall of fame! If you want your totally awesome screenshot added to the hall of fame, PM the OP![/t][t][/t]

Also Be sure to check out the 2D version of our group shenanigans by playing DocF’s Awesome game

Wish to be apart of this Awesome adventure but don’t have a fucking clue how to?
Follow the Instructions found here and make yourself a character

If you would like your skin added or removed, PM the OP.



If you would like your skin added or removed, PM the OP.

Misc. Links (Mileage may vary, will be updated if possible)

Shadow Toggle Tool
Ignore tool - When used, makes models ignored by the physgun
Ellis :P’s facepunch office map
CS_Office Nighttime.
Office Props
Ragdoll resizer (good for figurines)
Minmoles fender guitar pack
Ragdoll mover (Very useful for posing
Stand pose tool

Thanks, enjoy your stay and most importantly, Have fun. :dog:

Ahh, that new thread smell.

Everything is a WIP till i can figure out what the fuck i’m doing.

I will celebrate this new thread with an old picture that resembles celebration.

Absolute madman

thanks nig.

Oh so that’s what that smell is. I thought it may have been something that crawled into one of the vents and died.



This is a forum for CHILDREN.

but we’re not in the rust section…


Did we really have to bring that shit up again?

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here we go again, have content

Time to announce the comic!
^The rest of it

So, “Skins” is a comic I’m experimenting with that may continue or spawn better ideas in the future, but you can help! You can participate by designing covers (2162 x 2680 pixels (Does not have to be created in gmod)) or messaging me a download link for your personal skin so I can add you in! And if you have an idea for plot points or a specific part you want your perskin to play in the story, message me that too, I’m more than likely to consider it. (The stupid shark won’t be a reoccurring character, don’t get the wrong idea.)

Positions I NEED to be filled to progress story
>Replacement for argonian secretary dude
>Office supervisor

Yer all garbage and I love you all.

Happy Valentines day.

If you want to be in my poses give me a role/profession your character would be in a Gmod DarkRP setting etc.

I’d love to be in it, but my skin is too fucking weird to really fit in.

yeah tbh a fucking raccoon in a dress isn’t far off regular DarkRP models.

I was actually hoping you’d volunteer, I need a weird perskin to replace the argonian dude. :stuck_out_tongue:

I updated the Misc links with a few more props and tools if you folks wanna check them out.

Might find some of them useful.


Added Alexthepipe and Joebob32x’s skins to the OP