The Person's efficient and futuristic method of air travel.

Good evening (or morning, depending on the hour at which you, the reader, are currently engaged in the act of reading this article) gentlemen. As you know, it has always been the dream of mankind to have the ability to travel through the air in order to become free from the limiting factors of the various methods of ground transportation. Because of this yearning for flight, I have devised a machine which will propel a human being into the air, allowing an adventurous pilot to maneuver through the air at speeds unheard of until now.

Gentlemen, I present you with the Flyer I:

It is constructed from various lightweight materials which allow it to separate itself from the ground, including wood and canvas.

The daring pilot of this machine will lay his body down upon this space, which being in the center of the “aircraft” is the most stable. It also comes with the novel benefit of having one’s feet kept warm by the marvelous invention of the internal combustion engine.

This machine will regularly reach speeds that are, by my calculations, at or in excess of 30 miles per hour. At these speeds, death is a very real possibility, and the most complete devotion to caution is necessary in order to keep oneself from becoming a red discoloration on the ground.

Gentlemen, I believe that this is a great step forward for mankind, and that soon travel by air will be the most common mode of transport in the utopia of the future.


    I have added more stuff to keep the engine company, changed the pod to a chair for comfort and space reasons, and added ailerons, elevator, rudder and new propellers, all finned; this plane is now solely fin controlled and propelled.

that engine looks lonely :<

was bout to say the exact same thing, also could do with some more crossbars but overall I like it!

How do you keep your face from ripping away from your head at 30 mph?!


You are insane! I knew my self propelling steam engine was a madmans goal but now almost every person and item travels by it now!

This internal combustion engine and aeroplane will never go anywhere.

Man was not meant to travel as a bird does on the wing. Also, nice flyer, very simplistic.

Could there be an alternative to internal combustion? Like maybe human powered.

Brilliant! I will gather my most strongest of slaves at dawn and make them push the propeller.

If we were meant to fly, we’d have been born with wings! :bahgawd:

Awesome. I starred one 10,000 years ago but never finished it. I feel like making a new one, or perhaps some of the Wright gliders. A friend of mine is making a map of Kitty Hawk for my server.

All we need now is a horseless carrige and we’ll be good to go.

The propellers were connected to the engine by belt, or by chain I don’t remember which. I suggest just placing some static props between the propeller hubs and the engine to make it look like a belt instead of just one which looks like a support.

Also give the props a drive wheel for the chain/belt. It would have gone to a larger surface than the propeller stock

also, your forward canards look a bit thin. I suggest you widen them

Well wow, someone finally did it.

Awesome, but looks like a glider shipping an engine.

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with some cooling fans for the wings.

It looks almost exactly like the Flyer I,

also it is a glider with an engine.