The Photon Gun!


You go to
Hit browse…
Click the image…
And… hit upload.

Oh lawdy, that was so hard!

This should go to SWEPs instead of Addons.
And that post of yours was really descriptive about what it does.

Looks cool…so its a lazer gun right?

Please describe it, the only thing I can tell about it is that it’s some type of laser with an explosion effect.

Its the Portal Gun model, it shoots a laz0r with primary, secondary does a nuke that kills anything on map

its pretty cool and fun to use

Is it just me or have I seen these two exact actions somewhere?

I haven’t. This is my work. The only thing I used was the create ent explosion thing.
In your download, go down to the bottom and look for "Link to this file: ". Then simply copy and paste the BBcode one.


[noparse]:v:[/noparse] is :v:
for an example.


This also uses ALL the animations the portal gun uses in Portal!!



i’ll be honest with you, it’s terrible. noone wants to see a swep that blows shit up with primary fire and blows even more shit up with secondary. its just not original.

I told you not to drink the water

I didnt. I drunk energy drink, is it poisoned too?

did Dr. Breen support you drinking it?

No, I took it from home when I was re-located to City 19.

Can I ask one question about secondary fire ? what is the point of killing himself ? It’s totally useless !!

Maybe add throw nades on the secondary like grenades laucher.