The PHX spawn menu


I play Garry’s Mod for quite some time now, and most of my playtime is on build servers, building things.

I don’t want to sound offensive, but according to me the spawn lists for PHX props in Gmod 13 update were completely broken. Many of the categories were removed, such as Useful or Miscellaneous props, and they have been moved deep into Games>Garry’s mod>[random folder here].
Also the images for many props are illogical, and most of them either show half of the prop, show it at a 175° so you can’t even see what prop that is, or the image is zoomed out so far that the prop has the size of 5 pixels. While I understand that you can make your own images for each prop (which I can’t even do because I don’t even understand how to), why most of the prop images are “broken” like that?
Another thing is the alphabetical shuffling of the props in the spawn lists. It’s not like in old Gmod where there were “sub-categories” for each prop type, so first there were 1xX plates, then 2xX, up until 8xX, then it started with small blocks gradually increasing in size. Now its alphabetical and compared to the organized structure before, completely random… What hurts more that with the new prop images you have to look at every prop name to figure out what it is.
I also can’t be able to move props from one category into another, even though I can make new categories. If you can’t put props into it what is the point of having them?

My question is, is there a mod or anything that either changes the prop spawn menu so it makes sense for a Gmod builder, not an ordinary TTT or Fretta player so it’s at least similar to the old, organized and comprehensive build menu. Or a tutorial which shows how to make your own categories with props and create your own images for them, because right now I can’t seem to do any of that.


I would like to know how to get them back, I’ve been desperately searching for the old PHX stairs, I can’t complete my shop, I left gmod for a long time and finally came back, also I can’t seem to use the search on while logged in.