The Physgun Color Wont change

Hi there facepunchers :slight_smile: I have a question! I have a problem with getting the color to change on my physgun ( Click C -> player model -> weapon color ) Works on most servers I have been on / works on my single player. But not my DarkRP server.

Additional Info

  • Admin mod ULX

Reason why I post this in the LUA section, because unlike the support thread you guys know how to help and I have always been happy with the LUA scripters opinions and support, hopy you won’t let me down now either :slight_smile:


Maybe DarkRP disabled it? You need to ask in Help & Support though or you will get banned.

But they don’t respond, Well then.

this happened to me too. You need to add something on Player Spawn.

here is an example taken from the base gamemode.

function PLAYER:Spawn()

local col = self.Player:GetInfo( "cl_playercolor" )
self.Player:SetPlayerColor( Vector( col ) )

local col = self.Player:GetInfo( "cl_weaponcolor" )
self.Player:SetWeaponColor( Vector( col ) )


not sure if you can do something with it, but that solved my problem.

I’m pretty sure DarkRP overrides it or something and doesn’t call the base PlayerSpawn function.

It’s solved now a guy named Donkie sent me a script :smiley: