The Physgun isnt working properly.

Either its cause of Wolf Prop protection, a mod im using or…

Garrysmod recently got a update i couldnt pick up somethings with my physgun.

I was playing ZS_Stormier, a survival map but i noticed my Physgun could not move the doors, or pick up anything that was generated in the map. I had to resort to using my gravity gun or barricading entry ways.

What addons are you using?

Addons? Let us see here… :

Fire is Wolf prop protection…

Advanced Duplicator

Advanced Pro spawner


Bridge tool

Bouyancy tool

Bouyancy tool Wire

Catdemons SGPack [Stargate]

Crate Maker

Customizable weaponry

Door tool

Electric onslaught map BETA

Rebel turrets

Fin 2 tool

Garrysmod Deathmatch Resource files.

Healer stool

Npc.HPBAR addon

Spawnable Half-life two weapons and items

hover board

Keyboard 1.4

Left 4 dead 2 models


Laser spawner stool

Mad cow weapons 3.0

No collide world

NPC options control.

NPC spawn platforms stool

Nuke pack

Measuring stick stool

PlayX [Video player addon]

Hand-held portant device [Mahalis]

Time grenade

Automatic turret stool

Smart freezer tool

Smart snap

Smart constraint

Smart welding

Stacker stool

Stargate pack

Stargate resources

STOOL :NPC platform spawners

Super parent Multi

Team-fortress Renaissance

Ultras rail gun [doesnt work anymore i thin.]

Unbreakable stool

Vallentin tools

Weight stool

Wiremod and Wiremod model pack

Last stand 0.1

L4d1 and l4d2 survivor models

tf2 sweps

Door stool

Laser stool 2

Stacker stool

Smart weld

The Punisher swep

Player appearance Customizer 2