The Pimps + Thane

Teh Pimpz0rz

SDOF version

-InGame only.



  • I can’t upload pics…and If I can, it takes a shiiiiiitload of time…

-Fact: I was uploading these pictures for over an hour

Scout looks like he shit himself but I like the posing

Looks like Thane is on a trip.

O captain, my captain.

Boring .

I would like you to get out if you can’t be arsed to type out a good reply.

Haxxer! You ninja!

haha Awesome man :smiley:

The Pimps… why do i start thinking of the Warriors???

Fuck Max is Right :open_mouth:

Thane looks like he had a case of Spontaneous Retardation or someone slipped him LSD. If he didn’t have that look and the Normandy was more pronounced it’d make a great wallpaper.

Great pictures though.

Thanks. Yeah Warriors…I could do something like that…