The pipe/The zombie

Tell me what picture you like better:) This is my first time ragdolling and screenshot editing with gmod 13.


Tell me, is that how you look when you stand up?

Lol no I never saw that until now. lol

Whoever your dealer is tell him, his got good shit. But the blur and its saturated to fuck.

You are clever! For a second I thought I was looking into my toilet after having a massive shit.
Turns out it was actually just your screen shots.

Here is a good posing tutorial. It will give you the basic behind it

Do not use simple dof. Experiment with advanced dof. It will serve your pictures a lot better. And never overdo it either. Try to find a balance.
Look at the good posers here. Study the pics and you get better at it.

Thanks ill give it a look.