The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is one of the most fascinating figures of the 14th century.
Their appearance in Assassins creed two rekindled my interest and I was
wondering if Garry’s mod had the model. Turns out no matter where I look I cannot
find it. I was wondering if there could be a rigged model created for use as an NPC medic.
I’m not talking about a reskin or for an SNPC, just a rigged model that can use
the same animations. Any type will do, not specifically the AC2 one, even a fairly simple one
is fine. Tell me where to find one or create one if you want.

P.S. rigging is so it can be used as an NPC or playermodel for later use.

I support

Support, Plague doctors are cool.

I never actually thought I would get any support.

i support this

There is a XNALara models that could be ported:

That’s perfect. I wish I knew how to convert and rig it though. Can someone send me the info and ill upload it, or do it themselves and upload it. It would be much appreciated.