The Player Appearance Customiser 2 - Wear Props, Effects , Sprites and much more

SVN version:

Workshop version:

The SVN version is almost always ahead of the workshop version. It could also be unstable though.

Here’s the wiki which covers basic usage of PAC3:

Awesome work!

I love it.


I jizzed little.


Sweet! I assume there’s a reasonable limit on the number of trails/sprites/effects/lights you can have?

Yes. This can be adjusted in the options tab in the spawn menu.

Jesus Christ! Well done! Do the wearable props clip through the world and normal props? (sorry if it’s a stupid question)

wow, this looks awesome :smiley:


It looks cool and I like the fact that you can change ANYTHIng but the problem is, on low resolution it looks actually quite bad and I cannot save because the Client button is cut off off the screen!

Nice work!

Any chance of a regular download? It is at a releasable state, I presume.

nvm, downloading bit by bit.

I just tried this and anything under 1024 x 768 seems to not work very well.

I personally play at maximum resolution but in no border mode so it looks like fullscreen, but it isn’t.

Yeah I have it in 1024x768 windowed, because my graphic card isn’t the best >.>

What happened to the old one?

Ugly and messy

Just played with it a bit, it’s really nice. I love all the things you can do with it.

Just tried it and it works fine in singleplayer. Very amusing tool and it’s surprisingly fun building up armor piece by piece.

However in multiplayer there were some bugs.
I tried unequipping armor pieces but other players could still see it.
Also the sprites often went away for some reason.

My suggestions:
Add a way to delete saved sets of armor ingame.
Add a prop browser with icons rather than having to look up the name and type it in manually.