"... the pleasure was all mine, love from Lara."

“… the pleasure was all mine, love from Lara.”*


It’s a tribute to the original Tomb Raider:


I’m not sure what to think of this :raise:

holy shit oldschool

I’m in love with that emoticon, although I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. Is it the lack of high quality models/maps- or the editing of the picture? Or, what? Your post wasn’t at all constructive. :frowning:

It’s a tribute to the classic Lara Croft, in her mansion- back in 1996. It’s exactly what Moose said, ‘oldschool’. :smiley:

Ah sorry, it’s just that I don’t see many pre-source poses around here.

I have yet to form an opinion about weather it’s good or bad, so you’d be best off just ignoring me really.

Thank you, anyhow.

Not many people can pull these off. You, however, just did.

I like that there aren’t any high poly objects in the scene, which would have killed the mood of the scene.

Well… interesting concept I guess. Lighting’s good.

sweet, sweet nostalgia

I don’t fully understand what this was meant to be an attempt at?

I mean why did you use low-poly models?

Thanks everyone.


Oh yes. I remember her blocky curves. A trip down the memory lane:cool:

Ah right, now i get ya.

I don’t get nostalgia, although it would have helped if i did play the game, but it never interested me.

Nostalgia is quite an easy concept, it’s quite hard not to ‘get it’.

That’s a shame- it was a fantastic game, maybe not now with the newest installments- but it was back then, top-notch and uber sexy, to say the least.

Shes not sitting down.

Oh, well okay- looks like such on the picture on close inspection.

Don’t separate them, i don’t get nostalgia from this picture but it doesn’t help that i didn’t play this.

Oh right, I thought you meant you didn’t get nostalgia in itself, but now I understand.

That’s such a shame.

Was never really into the game all that much though.

I found it boring if anything anyway, i needed an FPS game to keep me entertained anyway and at the time Quake fit the spot.