The Polar Express

without editing:

Needs more ghost hobo’s and broken bells

Those Combine bastards killed Tom Hanks!

Freeman entered the razor train so he could get all the medkits before someone else. That bastard.

that lens flare looks horrid

Anything to say about the rest of the picture?

The editing is good, but i really hated * that damn movie *

Needs more Tom Hanks.

btw i came up with the name after I took the screenshot :v:

Looks different from the kid books. I don’t remember there being Combine in the book.

yes there was

It looks extraordinarily similar to my Cosmonaut edit(because i did the same process) but i did an edit.

Overall i’m dissatisfied but i think it looks nice. I was going to desaturate it then tint it slightly blue and do highlights in red and yellow but it just looked like all i had done was bluewash it.

What the hell is with you and the Softglow filter?

It’s a uh… clinical addiction. I uh-HEHEHE-Uh… Take… Meds… For it… But I DIDN’T to-Today! EHEHEHEH!

Doctor recommends


I am a MD, PhD, And a DDS,

So i reccomend a swift kick in the knackers

Bipolar express


They appear to be the lights of a strange ocean liner sailing on a frozen sea. There… is Nova prospekt!