The Police

Hey guys, I have a really really pounding headache right now and it was so so hard to log onto my computer and make something so fresh you can suck it’s nuts…

This took about 10-20 minutes, it’s theme is your local Police, just showing they’re good to have around incase something bad happens, like the PC you’re using right now(or Android phone dependent on how hipster you are) got stolen. You’d call them first, so here’s “The Police”!

I’d recommend you put on “” while looking at it, to kinda set the scene of a dark & ‘droochit’ night in Glasgow, Scotland.” does not fit this picture at all.

I don’t want to suck your nuts.

So I guess they got her S.o.s.

if you have to use an external gimmick to set the mood to your pic, you’re doing something wrong

the posing isn’t too bad

Those guys are walking all over evidence ya know, not seeing any armed response units. But posing is good.