The Police

Hey, I’m a beginner to this forum.

This is my latest Garry’s Mod action movie I made to public. Took me like whole eight fucking hours to make -_-
And to think it’s only a 1 minute and 35 second movie.
I felt it was good enough, in my own opinion, to finally register on this site after months of watching other people’s threads.

The cops break into a house of an assassin, but they don’t realize the assassin is more powerful than they think.

Map used: rp_richlandnight

“lemming” for making the Moving Camera V1.5 tool.
“Rich McNinch” for making the rp_richland map (day and night), I used the “night” version.
Voice clips are from Bad Boys, Running Scared unsure as I just found them on a free movie sound clip site somewhere.
Sound effects: Some are from, some are from Half-Life 2, Mr Brightside’s Deagle animations skin’s custom fire sounds, and from a few movies.
Song used: Crackdown OST - Uprising
Editor used: Sony Vegas 7.0

Oh, and I made the TV-static like sound myself. I just basically turned my TV onto a bad channel and recorded with a camera, then used only the sound.

Hope you enjoy the movie.

It was alright. Just a tad to “OH MY GOD Shaky” for me

Because shaky camera=instantly good video.

I lol’d

It was OK, but the camera shake movement was too blocky.

What do you mean by too blocky? Too much of it? It’s too slow? Too fast? Please reply as I need tips in order so I can make better movies in the future.

i think he means that the movement of the camera shake wasnt very smooth, it was too sharp.

I dunno, camera shaking does make some videos better.

An opinion is an opinion. My opinion is that the shaking made the video dramatic and actiony-style. For some reason I just think without them the video would look kind of daft.

Depends on the effects.

It was alright. Could use more custom sounds and less blood spam and as said, try not to shake the camera to much. Try keep it smooth

Counter-Strike Extreme Gore Edition
Not your dad’s game!
CS for kids? More like CS for pussies!!!
Fire and fire will show you where you are!
Shit in your mouth!!!


It’s an earthquake!!! Everyone get down!!!

Yeah. Use catmull-rom cameras. You’re using out of game synthetic shaky cam, and it looks pretty bad. Otherwise, good action flick, but the camera shaking needs some fixing.