The Popcan FireWork STool. 3rd Try.

Hey Guys.
I know its the 3rd Thread now.
But its not an Swep anymore.
So. It’s in the wrong Category, and i cannot change the name.
Just let the Other Threads Die.
So… I should write about the STool.
Everytime when i try to make a FireWork, i hate it, to Spawn a Can - Easy Weld it (With a damn Angle, it looks bad) - nocolide it - add Trails. You too?
So, I made an STool that makes Everything for you. OMG.
It Creates a Popcan. You can Choose the Skin. Makes it NoColide with Everything, Get Trails(You can change the Settings in the Panel), And, Sure, it gets Welded with the Prop you are Lookin.
Here is a XFire Movie. But a Youtube Movie will come in the next Hours.

Easy to use
sbox_maxpopcans for Anti mingebagging
Easy SettingsPanel
Its like the Real Trails STool from Garry.
It Spawns-Nocollide with Everything-Get Trails-Get Welded Automaticly

Thanks to Facepunch,Weltenstrum and Fame :smiley:
I Hope you like it.
Its my First STool.
So Have fun with it :smiley:
Here is the Link:

Some Pictures:

Wait is this just the trails tool? seems that way from the vid

Naw. You Spawn a Can with leftclick. Trails are automaticly set on the Can. Thats the tricky thing :smiley:

fine my Account is Activated now. Thanks God!

I like it, even though it’s extremely simple, it’s useful if you don’t want to waste too much time on the trailed popcans.

Thank You :smiley:


Yeah i don’t get that either care to explain more?

So its just a can… That has a trail?

How innovative.

… Uhm Yes. Say that if you are makein a Firework. Spawn the Can, Easyweld it,Nocolide it and put a trail on it. Do that 30 Times. Have Fun :wink:
My Stool do it for you.

Didn’t really need a public release, though it’s a very simple thing to make.

Wow, this will improve my PopCan Firework productivity alot.

Can’t you just make a can with a trail and use the duplicator?

It’s good for a start.

This is actually very helpful for building fireworks, good job on making this.

Hey. Thanks. Its my First thing that i coded with Lua. Its normal that its not the best 1337 Stool.
After a Multiplayer test, i found out, that it have many bugs. I try to fix it.

Why do you have two accounts?


Why third thread? Cant you just update old?

What use is this for.

Thanks! Now i dont need to weld a can every fucking time :smiley:

I dont have two Accounts.
I wrote from m0nst3rkill3rs Account because i didnt get an activation Mail.