The Popcan Swep v1.1 :D

Hey Guys… The nice Board dont send me a Activation Mail. So i Write from m0nst3rkill3rs Account.
I edited my Swep now.
( <-- the old Thread.
The Swep have now a “CanSay” That means it shows you wich Color you choose, in Red-green-blue like
Red:32 Green: 21 Blue :132
But it Spams your Console and your Say… so You can it on or off in the Settingspanel
other adding is the sbox_maxpopcan Command for Anti Mingebagging. YAY :smiley:
I added a Spawnicon and Made new addings in the Settingspanel.
So… Have fun with it.
p.s Sorry for the New thread but i couldn’T edit the Name of the Thread.

Cant you just update old thread?

maybe :expressionless:

Could you please update this to gmod 13?