The Portal Problem (involves gmod)

Okay, just recently steam offered Portal for free. The WHOLE game. I have just downloaded the game and played a bit of the first level. I then decided to buy garrys mod. However, when I try to buy the game It says “Your transaction failed because you are trying to buy a game that requires ownership of another game you do not currently own. Please correct the error and try again.” Portal is in the list of base games. Why doesn’t it count? Please help.

The free version of portal also can’t run mods because of valve screwing up.

really :frowning: Can it be fixed? Patched?

No, the free verson of portal will always be marked free and dosent include the Source SDK and other needed stuff for it to work. Get CSS + GMod in the package is what i recommend

if you buy gmod then get the free version of portal it will mount on the game just fine because when i did it i got all the props, maps etc.

It should