The poster screenshot command acts oddly

Since GMod 13 was released, I’ve got this weird bug going on with the poster feature (Actually with the latest beta before the release of 13 as well).

The resolution I use in GMod is 1920*1080 (native) [I’m using a desktop PC]. I’ve key bound the poster to F6 with poster 3

Okay, it creates a huge single .png screenshot with 57603240 resolution as it should with poster 3, but the problem is that it’s not a big shot of the pose. There are 9 screenshots of the pose inside it with my default screen resolution (19201080).

No matter what value I’m using with the poster, it does the same. With poster 2 = 4 x 19201080 screenhots, poster 3 = 9 x 19201080 screenshots, poster 4 = 16 x 19201080 screenshots, poster 5 = 25 x 19201080 screenshots, etc.

I don’t know why it’s doing that, and I’ve even tried it with different key bindings with no luck. So, what is the problem?

P.S. This happened with my friend’s laptop too, so it wasn’t only on my end…

If someone doesn’t get what I’m describing here, I’ll provide images then as soon as I can.


Possibly one of your mods or Post Processing effects are causing the problem.

27th January 2013 :xfiles:

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