The Power of HeightMaps!

Just wanna share something, messing around with Terrain heightmaps stuff.

Programs i used:


Terrain with that many vertices usually crashes my computer.

Why are we rating you dumb? Other than the fact that your ground texture has baked lighting.


Then again, as long as it’s UnlitGeneric, it will be fine.

Split the ground texture up into smaller parts and also apply a detail sheet via the VMT.

Looks great, but source does not like big displacements.

Source doesn’t like big displacements with small lightmaps, or oddly shaped displacements not in a power of 2.

Care to share the BSP so I can see how well it runs on my laptop?

Yet if you make it to 4 it crashes the game that you’re running it in sometimes.

Source doesn’t know what the fuck it likes.

It’s not just necessarily power 4, it’s having a high density of vertices in a small area that causes it.

I can’t tell whether source gives a shit about huge displacements or not.

Look at most of the custom maps for Empires, they’re all the same as the OP.

Looks like the heightmap covers an area thousands of times smaller than it should. Looks bad.


I think “thousands” is a bit of a gross exaggeration… But I do agree, he has used the wrong scale for it.

It actually reminded me of a RoR map for a moment.

Last pic reminds me of Delta Force, one of the jungle maps.

It’s great for making detailed 3D skyboxes, tough. Specially if you convert it to a model like valve did with the coast skybox.

It does like like shit when looking at it up close. As kukiric said, it’s only usefull when making a 3D skybox.

It might look better if he divides the terrain into 64 “squares” (clip from top view) and makes 64 high res textures to match it up. Lots of work, but shall look epic.

What you was saying?

That map sucks.

It is highly overated

Afa i know, disp gen (dispgen?) cuts up displacements into smaller bits for hammer, and you can also do the same with the clipping tool… so why would anyone give this a bad rep?