The Power of SketchUp

I just happened across this earlier today, and was absolutely blown away that Google SketchUp can produce such incredible models as these.

The author has also uploaded all of the models for public download, if you would like to view and play with them first hand.

Or maybe its just the fact the person spent a long period of time making the model?

I knew SketchUp was underestimated, but I didn’t know it could make stuff like that.

i thought sketchup can’t render

Because it can’t. But you can use render engines like Kerkythea.

You can do nice looking stuff with just about any program if you put the effort and the hours into it.

Yes, sorry. These were rendered in Vray

It’s not the program that makes incredible things, it’s the artist behind them. Any good artist can make great things in any number of programs if they know how to use them well.

Red Katana is completely right, but that is still an amazing ship either way. Very well done. It’s always interesting to see other people hard done, great work.

If I had the time, I could make a miniature version of the Phillipines in scale with just clay, rice and Bellagio playing chips. Not that I would.

I may even pay to see that.

Someone here a long time ago made the best SPAS12 in existence using SketchUp.

now all we need is a compiler to change .skp to .mdl and we win

Wow i use Sketchup in Architecture Class. as Well as AutoCAD, But thats not Important,
id Suggest Sketchup, its User-Friendly and Easy to Use, like i have recreated WWII tanks and The Pancor JackHammer With it.

Well. You can get a plugin that lets you export 3ds. And then upload those into 3ds. or Milkshape or whatever you can find that will accept it, And go from there. Try it. Its a 1 minute process to get it in 3ds.

i got a conversion into blender figured out i posted about it works good