The Power of the Pickaxe

Smacking 4 Kevlars With my pickaxe, Had a exciting live reaction as well :D

You learned well young padawan.

LOL learned from the best :smiley:

and this is why people buy aimbots. when they suck that hard at the game

You sounded like you were playing at night and didn’t want to wake up your parents.

lol gj

lol nice… i would carry a pickaxe on me from now on :DDD

You have to admit, those guys were probably playing with joysticks.

niiiiice. i will def carry pick axe on me too :slight_smile:

Thats epic, i cant tell you how many times ive done that with a pick. They are so op haha

Haha Yea I noticed that too. I just don’t talk loud cause it gets really loud on teamspeak for my friends

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Thanks man

Get out of here bushi


lol what’s wrong?

Mom sleepin? soft spoken as fuck

That’s hilarious. But those guys are terrible hahahaha.

Nothing I was just bored

ohh, ok

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Lol no this was at 4 in afternoon, Just didnt want to be loud on teamspeak

Wow you wrecked those guys good job