The Powerful Gun

[fail] [nothing to see here]

I don’t bad

It’s sort of shitty.


And pointless.

No, i’m NOT like the gun.

Why would i be like a gun?

DOHOHOHOHO, i get it… You perv… :v:

Should be renamed to “The Shitty Gun”.
Because you made it it’.

The damage is un-realistic compared to the size and shape of the gun.

yeah must it be realistic for be a good file? asshole


Because flaming solves everything.

No, but this is still not a good file.

why, what’s the problem?


Why, what’s the problem?


Should i edit the file and get to non-automatic


or what, if you hold a powerful gun in real and you holding the gun and shoot, the gun isn’t left if you shoot, it’s too powerful!


and one thing more, i am new on lua scripting!

Ok, if you new, why submit this on a thread known for giving negative non-constructive criticism on anything below perfect?
And yes, you did ask our opinions, so no matter how bad they are (to a certain extent), you have to take them seriously.
I don’t want to sound mean but, at the moment what you are doing is small and the truth is, not many people will care about it.
It is good for a starter, and we all started somewhere, but I don’t feel it is really worth a release.

Don’t take the above negatively, but someone needs to tell the truth and other people are a bit…blunt about it.

Its one of the most unoriginal and dull pieces of shit I’ve seen.
I could code this in less than 5 fucking minutes.

ok, i gonna do a more adv weapon but it’s will take lots of time
are you guys know some good model maker? Would i create some models?

Its supposed to.

You might want to rework your english.
This foreign shit is driving me insane.
Also, the weapon isn’t cool just because it does a lot of damage.

I might cut my eyes out for seeing “don’t bad”.

Its a fucking 5 second swep, what did you expect?

Hey! Don’t bad it.

I are the like do gun?

Did he use multibabel to translate?