The PPSH-41

Not meant to be serious.

I like it!(But not in a psychopathic way)

I thought it was the Mossberg 590 helping people do that?

Not when the PPSH-41 is in town.

ahhh the ppsh-41 what a nice gun and predecessor to the ak-47

Ahem. I thought that would be the STG/MP-44. Nice pic.

Psh. 71 rounds of fun. With the STG-44, you only get 30. Besides, you have too many co-workers these days.

I really like the new posters idea every seems to be ripping off. It’s really cool…

I made one about the Abrams a while ago.


good, but you hold a PPSH-41 by the drum

Yeah I’m pretty sure he’d burn his hand holding it where he is.

Psh, PPsh-41 is nothing when compared to KP-31 ;D
anyways, not bad.

Motivational posters?

Please, no gun flame wars!

agh he’s hands might be hot

Only an idiot holds their gun like that

Don’t blame me. Blame the guy with the PPSH-41. But don’t say it so loud… he might find you.

Where did you get that model?

Wystan’s Magless Weapons.