The Practical Joke.

No comment:)

I laughed.

Wow, it actually suits her a bit.

Lol, nice work.

Thanks. Kleiner is going to get it when she catches up with him… IF she catches up with him.

I would have tapped that but nevermind.

Funneh, have a Colon :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad posing,
Its the arm posing thats the worst, looks wierd.
bad camera angles,
Zoom the camera in more, get a better frame.
bad filter,
Filter looks too dark, get some soft lighting in there.
simple depth of field,
Don’t use simple depth.

LMAO, that was very simple and funny, good job :smiley:

I used super DoF and no filter. All in game editing.


Thanks. I wanted it simple. A joke like that has to have the screen by it’s self.

Awww, why does kleiner have to ruin such a fine lookin’ gal.

He’s gay I guess.

Well the DoF looks ugly, and when i say the filter i mean the colour grading aswell.

I could have skipped Dof. This was after all meant to be simple. No fancy stuff. As for the rest, it’s a matter of opinion. It is impossible to please everyone. Thanks for C&C anyway. Always appreciated.

good use of the inflator

Funny I guess.