The Premival Highlanders [Ch. 1, The Awakening]


Fun facts

  • Some poses were pain in the ass to do untill I figured out I could use Nexus_Elite’s better phys pack v2 :facepalm:
  • The comic is much longer and outfit has been changed a bit to make this have “more comical feeling”
  • My school is starting soon so the production speed will slow down, but as I promised I will finish this sooner or later (I’ve planned 10 chapters, so 9 left)

Special Thanks To
Ayesdyef’s Female Scout
Nexus_Elite’s tf2 better phys v2
Coverop’s shotguns w/ bodygroups
cp_relay by loc_n_lol (3rd place of Asymmetry Contest, TF2maps, DL link)
Valve & Team Fortress 2

Actually interesting, looking forward to the next chapter.

Thanks mate :v:

If I’m lucky I’m able to finish next chapter within a month, if not then it might take a while, but all comics are in my dropbox so no worries if you suddenly don’t remember in which point you were.

I’ll do them as fast as possible while maintaining the quality

The posing could do some working with and the text was a little corny, but I like where this is headed.

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I like the faceposing, though.

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I just realized that they all are wearing silver medals. Why is that?

Primeval warrior badge.

O.T. Nice work on the comic. Really looking forward to see more

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll try to improve the posing.

@ AttemptedPants, could you explain a little more how I could improve with the text? (this is my second comic and I’m trying to improve myself)