The Premival Highlanders [Prologue]

Hello fellow Facepunchers! I’ve been lurking around in FP since January 2009 and I thought I’d start making something to entertain you.

I’ll be doing this comic and I hope I can finish this (high school is beginning soon, too busy in real life etc…), but the most important: I hope you enjoy this.
(Also I’m sorry about my English, there might be some grammar problems because I’m not a Native English speaker)

Fun facts
This prologue took one week to finish and the editing was about 80% of the time.

Also please give me constructive criticism, because I started using GIMP two weeks ago and I’m afraid this isn’t too artistic.

Special Thanks To
Ayesdyef’s Female Scout
ctf_haarp (very awesome A/D CTF map, I highly recommend it)
All of you who helped me to make this better

Pretty good.

You could have worked a bit more on that layout during the week.

I’ll make a better one in next one, thanks (this is my first comic so I’m kinda testing different layouts and see which one is the most suitable)

good,good.can’t wait to read the rest when its finished.there could of been some effect when the engineer was shot(trust me,only the weak die when a gun is only pointed at them).

Thanks mate, noted.

It’s very good, I actually like the layout.

The only grammatical problem is “The RED team are taking a break from their victory”. Taking a break from their victory sounds like they were victorious and then they decided to not be victorious for a while. Also team is singular as you are only talking about one of them. I believe the phrase you want is “The RED team is taking a break after their victory”.

Made a quick fix, very appreciated :v:

i felt some of the posing was a little bit weird, but i liked it