The PressMySpacebar Show: Ep2 - Pussbox

So after the mixed response to the first episode, we decided to take a little more time on this one.

The PressMySpacebar Show is part sketch show and part sitcom, the show follows the misadventures of Joe, Arno, Mojo and the rest of the PressMySpacebar crew.

-Cast and Crew-
Yamibito: Senior Writer and Voice actor for Joe and The Cheaples.
Blood-Fury: Writer, Director, Senior Editor and Voice actor for Arno and sketch.
Mojo: Voice actor for himself.
Borsty: Map Creator, Composer and Voice actor for himself.
Exilion: Voice actor for himself. (Gethin)

Hope you guys enjoyed this a little more than the last one.

(If you haven’t seen the first episode, just click here or something)

Needs some better lip-sync, but otherwise that was pretty good for a second attempt.

Thanks, we’re still working on improving the lip-sync stuff and we may start using source filmmaker more but that sort of feels against what we’re trying to do (it’ll also make it take x10 longer).

I’m surprised this doesn’t get more comments and ratings. I personally loved it. The humor is quirky and spot on. The animations and flow are not 100%, but still fitting and better then anything else I’m seeing at the moment that isn’t made in Source Filmmaker.

I look forward to future installments from you guys.

Thanks a lot, great to see comments like this- just finished writing episode three today.