The PressMySpacebar Show Episode 4 [FINAL]

So we just released our fourth and final episode to our series “The PressMySpacebar Show”. Playlist of the full series here <-.
So the idea and meaning behind the show is our community/youtube channel is personified in the show as a studio in Garry’s Mod where we make sketch comedy. During writing the show evolved into more of a series based around adventures and shenanigans that the characters have instead of sketch comedy.
Some back-story: This is a follow up to an old series we used to make on our previous (perma banned) youtube channel called “The Invader and Blood-Fury show”. Where everything was pretty much based around sketch comedy. Since the whole sketch comedy thing was very popular at the time because of series like Dasboschitt’s Idiot Box, we somewhat just jumped on the band-wagon for that one.
Back-story to the back-story: The show “The Invader and Blood-Fury show” was the brainchild of Yamibito(back then known as Invader Bonaparte) and me(Blood-Fury). We really enjoyed making videos and had been friends in an old community called Flex Gaming (also previously known as TheShadys) since around 2006-2007. And again, jumping on the sketch comedy band wagon, we started our first Garry’s Mod series. Good times… good times.

Not gonna lie, there are tons of inside references and jokes that just don’t make any sense if you don’t know the characters. So here’s a brief description/biography/info thinga-ma-jig:
Main characters:

He’s the writer/co-director of the show. Editor of Ep.1, Stuntmastaz and most of the other stuff on the channel that is way more popular than our mediocre Garry’s Mod videos that we enjoy making but nobody else cares about. Music fanatic and overall swell guy.

Director and editor of all the episodes after episode 1. Makes incredibly mediocre Garry’s Mod content that nobody cares about. Also really likes anime.

One of our friends that constantly talks in a semi-monotone voice. We made him the stripped combine soldier model, because that just seemed fitting. Just look at that blank expression… you can’t even face pose it. It’s perfect.

He’s our security guard / intercom guy. Honestly we just made him an intercom because his microphone has shit quality. :slight_smile: (also i’m too lazy to lip-sync everything constantly)[/TD]**

Guest Characters:*** (we like calling them guest characters because side-characters sounds very demotivating, like a side-kick.)

Made the maps and some of the really sick music for our show! (most noteworthy song would probably be the theme for episode 4)

Cian/Seshoho Cian:

Why he’s a plant with a Wiremod speaker plugged into it, is beyond me. But he’s one of the more recent members of our crew and also an overall cool dude.


He’s really good at video games. He constantly beats everyone at them and that’s why we instantly kill him off as soon as he’s introduced.

*Some of the previous topics of our videos:
Stuntmastaz I / Stuntmastaz II / Stuntmastaz III

Sorry for any horrible spelling mistakes or run-on sentences. I really rather not use the fact that English isn’t my native language as an excuse… but yeh. It’s not.