The problem of m9k weapons

  1. Bad base
    the base sucks and looks like an edited mad cow base except shittier. The shotguns have no spread and have such high range, same with all burst weapons on the base

  2. USAS, And the BS shotguns.
    USAS: full auto shotty and again, bad base

SPAS12/Browning Auto5
semi auto and too much rage

Double Barrel Shotgun: right click= sniper

AN94 burst
semi auto but shoots 2 bullets that do 29 damage at once.
also no spread

AMD65 and AS VAL
Catpiss fire rates and damage

same as asval but 30 clip size

30 damage, scope, fire rate like a full auto sniper

Barret M82, not m98b
Stays on scope when you fire and does 110 damage

Pretty much a full auto shotgun, except huge clip and 25 damage, also madcows m249 has more recoil.

PSG1, and SG550
Massive damage and fire rate (psg1 80) (sg550 55)

All specialties except knife and frag grenade.

No clue why it’s so popular, FAS, GDCW, MadCow, and Sleek weapon base are sooo much better.

Okay. What do you expect us to do about it?

well fix it then you mong, I would have done it myself at some point but i really cant be fucked

also the shotguns actually have a pretty realistic spread pattern, a long barreled shotgun can easily kill out to 50 metres and wound beyond that in real life. The problem being that gmod is played on relatively small maps so tight shotgun spread doesn’t really translate into good gameplay since most of the gunfights take place well inside the range where shotguns dominate most other weapons.

Pretty sure it’s too late to do anything about it. Just like DarkRp or rp_downtown, M9K weapons have pretty much become a staple for pretty much all the annoying gmod servers. You’d have more luck waiting for the next major gmod update (before 13 it WAS mad cow iirc) rather than making a better weapons pack and actually getting a majority of the playerbase to use it.

m9k is a staple because the code may be awful but they have nice models and sounds and a huge variety of weapons. You could probably just release a modified version of the actual base that people could overwrite the old base with to bring the whole pack up to scratch.

and yeah mad cows was the old standard weapon pack though css realistic weps was also very common before it became the broken mess that it is today

pic related: the best weapon base (ignore the stupid clock thing, thats from a gamemode)

What base is that?

A modified mad cows base i made lol, it basically just modernizes mad cows and removes all the errors and laggy shit (plus makes it look nicer)

It looks cool

The problem is that M9K set the stage for just about every other common gmod SWEP that’s been released post-M9K. What do I mean by that? I mean that most SWEPs that come out now that aren’t shitty adminguns or sound guns are based on M9K. They all follow the same tired formula of “realistic gun, sprint animations, aiming, gamebanana model”. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting your weapon to have sights or be realistic, there’s a problem when every other person that can run the publisher tool makes the exact same weapon eight more times and never decides to try something new.

I’m ready facepunch. I’m ready to be murdered, I do have a deathwish.

Remember Kermites weapons way back in gmod 12, whatever happened to those. They were so fun and enjoyable to use.

Those were pretty well done for the time. My guess is that they were so successful because they were fun AND there weren’t a million clones of them.

I’m sorry for bringing this thread back but… FA:S 2.0 SWEPs all the way. They’re really nice and by far the best.

I agree that M9k are not reliable and not a good base.

Spy’s weapons have really good lag pred, m9k has to have the worst pred I have ever seen. Just set your fake lag to 300 and shoot away.

SWE is my favorite, MadCow second because the MadCow For weapons (bow 2gud)